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Testimonials from our happy clients: 

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Claudia Gamelin: Less than 3 months ago, Tyson was the most fearful, un-socialized, scared dog from hell.  He especially distrusted men or anyone trying to visit us. He wasn’t pleasant – but he was my rescue dog and I made a commitment to him. Our turning point was trying to board him at a kennel, and he couldn’t even last 2 hours at their ‘doggy play group’- wouldn’t come out of the cage. The owner then recommended Jack Crann. He came to the house to meet Tyson and recommended his 2 week resident training program. We didn’t hesitate, but it was the longest 2 weeks without him.


When we went to pick him up, I couldn’t believe what a different dog he was. He was so calm. Jack is not just a dog-whisperer, but a miracle worker! Tyson now comes when called, will do everything on command and goes for walks without the fear in his eyes. Our friends can’t believe it is the same dog. I can never thank Jack enough for all he accomplished with Tyson.


He is always ready to answer any question and resolve any issue we may have. He makes house calls, park runs and even visits to the vet’s office.  My only regret is not knowing about Peace of Mind Canine 5 years earlier. We have continued with their group classes, and will be disappointed when they are over because working with Ty is not a chore – but a one on one fun time with him. Tyson also just passed the Canine Good Citizen test which is the biggest accomplishment for this dog.  I also know that I will have a peace of mind when we need to board Tyson with Jack.


Thank you, Jack Crann and Peace of Mind Canine. You are our angel.


Maureen Q Nichols: The title “Dog Whisperer” doesn’t begin to describe Jack Crann; to us he is the “Miracle Worker!” After completing the 14 day residential program at Peace of Mind Canine, our rescued German shepherd/Akita mix, went from “Chloe the Devil Dog” to Chloe the Wonder Dog” in two short weeks. When we enrolled her we said she was going to “finishing school”, because if Jack couldn’t train her, she was definitely finished as a member of our family.


As life long dog owners we had never encountered any creature like Chloe. She was aloof and had little desire to please us. When given a command she would look at us disdainfully while deciding if she wanted to obey. She chewed the furniture and cabinets, shredded her toys and bed, barked aggressively at visitors, jumped on strangers, scratched and nipped at the grandchildren and their friends and even chewed through the seatbelt in our car. We were at our wits end.


When we picked Chloe up after her course we couldn’t believe the difference. Chloe sat and greeted us politely, walked at our heel and sat, laid down and stayed on command. Jack spent ample time with us, showing how to work with our newly reformed pet. Jack knows training the owners is as important as teaching the animals. In the coming months he visited our home numerous times to work one-on-one with us and each of the grandchildren. Chloe soon learned her place in the pack and is a delight to be with most of the time.


Peace of Mind canine truly lives up to its name. To us, the best proof of its successful philosophy came when we recently boarded Chloe there. She greeted Jack and Cindy happily and willingly went for a walk with them before we’d even left the driveway! We truly had “peace of mind” while we all enjoyed our vacation.


At Peace of Mind Canine they have a mind-body-spirit approach with both the animals and the owners. We are completely satisfied and cannot say enough good things about our experience.


Beth Ann Siemon: What Jack accomplished in only two weeks is miraculous! Before, our English Mastiff was shy and cowering both with strangers and in unfamiliar situations. After Jacks’ Resident Program, I took Luna for a walk in the park and she walked calmly and confidently: she was approached by four fishermen, and she didn’t cower at all; at the pet store, she walked right up to any customers that came in, wagging her tail; and at home, she does all the commands perfectly.


Michael Cooper: Jack is the ‘original’ dog whisperer! He has trained 3 pups for me and has just started with #4. He makes it simple for the pup and for you. Behavioral problems to basic and advanced training, he is simply the best.


Jimmy Doyle: I was a little hesitant initially when my friend recommended Jack (he had worked successfully with two of her dogs) due to the distance from Vernon to Bethlehem but very glad I did. Jack worked his magic on our Yellow Lab “Maddy” and things are now much calmer around here. Jack has a gift allowing him to connect with the dog getting amazing results.

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