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Consultation:  Hour and a half session at your home consisting of an evaluation to give you insight into your dog’s personality type and temperament. This will help you understand why and how any unwanted behaviors may have developed. Exercises will also be given to get you started in the right direction with immediate results. This is good for getting started on the right foot with a new puppy, new adopted dog or a dog that has developed a behavior that needs to be corrected. This also allows for a proper recommendation on future training if needed.

Deposit required when appointment is booked

Problem Solver: Consultation directed to a particular issue that may have just started and only requires a “quick fix”.  You know who are: you have a great dog with that one thing you can’t seem to fix and need a tweak from a professional. Love to help, give me a call!

New clients must leave a deposit at time of booking

Coaching: A series of lessons to learn the basics at your home or other locations if you’d like. A complete program consists of twelve sessions. The first six lessons are an introduction to get the dog understanding directions on the leash, the final six are to begin work off leash. The basics are: Heel, Sit, Stay, Down, and Come.

I teach you how to teach the dog, why you are teaching each command and how it should affect behavior as well as how to create good habits and manners with those tools. At completion your dog  will walk without pulling, sit stay for a minimum of two minutes and down stay for up to thirty minutes.  

This is a four week program; tuition can be made over two or three payments.

Coaching On Leash: Same as above, doing only the first six lessons on leash.


Resident Training: First I focus on the dog, then you and the dog together!

Studies show it takes twenty one days to train a dog. I keep the dog with me in my home for 14 days. On day 14, you and any family members you’d like come for your first lesson. Your dog will walk nicely by your side without pulling; sit and sit stay, down and down stay, and of course come when called; this is the foundation for off leash. I make sure the dog is paying attention and following directions from YOU before you get in the car!

Then I come to your house for follow up right away. My goal is to make sure the dog is listening to YOU; when you take over the last 7 days it’s like the whole 21 days came from you! This program gets excellent results but is not for everyone; call for details to see if your dog is a candidate.

This program includes 4 follow up lessons the first two weeks the dog is home, and on call follow up for 90 days.

Tuition can be made over two or three weeks.

Flash-In: I’m on call to you during any process we follow. A flash-in means you can call me if something is not working or with any problem that arises while we are in training.

If I have to come back on the same day or plan an extra visit on a day we were not meeting, or you just have a question that only requires a phone call I’m here to help. My promise is to stick with you at no extra charge until we are both happy with the results!

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