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Hello, my name is Jack Crann and I am the founder and owner of Peace of Mind Canine, LLC!

My career started over 20 years ago when I was certified as a master trainer from the prestigious National K-9 Center for Dog Trainers in Columbus Ohio. National K-9 is regarded as the leader in the education of certified dog trainers. Training didn’t stop as I continued to study at graduate workshops at National K-9, and with behaviorists such as Ian Dunbar in California, and the world renowned John Rogerson of the Northern Center for Animal Behavior in Yorkshire, England.

I offer private dog training as well as boarding and training services to give you the tools you need in all areas of behavior: from house breaking, to aggressive greetings to strangers, food guarding or separation issues. I have owned and operated Peace of Mind Canine for over 20 years and have expanded from a training facility to a company that gives you peace of mind in every aspect of the dog owning experience. Visit our Facebook page, or our website for video training tips, pictures, comments, timely articles, or a reference from one of our many happy clients!

Why choose Peace of Mind Canine?

I teach you and your dog with patience and creativity; using positive dog training techniques that are results oriented. We do not have a “cookie cutter” system; you and your pet have unique personalities and life styles, so each approach varies. At Peace of Mind Canine we adapt to your schedule and individual circumstance to achieve what you want to accomplish. Together you and I will raise a new puppy, start a good relationship with a newly adopted dog, or restore a loving relationship with your current dog. My job is to ensure that YOU have the relationship with your pet that you first envisioned.

A good communicator with dogs and people, I have been a teacher and trainer for more than three decades. I understand every person has their own way of learning and so does every dog which is why I offer “personalized training for you and your dog”.

Everyone loves a dog who listens and I will teach you how to be your dog’s reward. You will learn to train with the “affection connection” and how to look at things from the dog’s perspective so that your dog is happy about listening to you. You’ll learn how to use eye contact in a positive way so your dog will listen to you at a distance for safety.

Most of all I will teach you how to make your pet a well-mannered member of the family. Dog training is about communication not confrontation, so I will teach you a vocabulary so you can reward the behavior you want and your dog’s ultimate reward will be you!

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