Frequently asked questions:

1) Is my dog to young/old to train?

A: You can train a dog at any age. Puppy imprinting with food rewards is great for dogs from 8 weeks to 4 1/2 months. The important stages are the 6 and 8 month stage; your dog is considered adult at 2 years old. They can always be taught good manners.


2) If you train the dog will it listen to me?

A: Dogs learn per person. The advantage of a trainer is to make your job easier by getting the dog to quickly understand what is needed and then coach you and the dog together.


3) How is teaching Heel and Sit going to stop the jumping etc?

A: The dog has to learn how to learn. Once there is a vocabulary that is crystal clear you will have the tools to affect other behaviors.


4) How often do I have to train?

A: You should not have a single training place or time; use the training throughout the day to create good habits. For example practice a long sit/stay while doing household chores  instead of letting the dog roam around the house. After a short period of time the dog will be in the habit of being calm and listening all the time, regardless of where you are.


5) The dog won’t misbehave if I am in the room.

A: We cannot teach DON’T; any time you correct the dog you must show the correct thing to do and praise; dogs learn from praise. If you punish, the dog only learns that a particular behavior is wrong in front of you–not that the behavior is wrong.

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